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Xen 4.0 Comin Down the Pike!

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It would appear that Xen 4.0 is due out Q1 2010. That’s not very far off. I will perhaps wait on redoing my Xen network setup until that time. I need to get it working better. I’ve been having problems suspending VMs. Supposedly this is due to the guest kernel not behaving nicely. Patches have been submitted upstream from what I’ve been told and the pull request has been made to Linus to pull it into the kernel.

There’s lots of good stuff coming in Xen 4.0 too. Remus is particularly interesting. I will have to experiment with that. Live failover of boxes. I don’t know what I’d do with that to be honest. I guess you could set up two physical boxes, with the same virtual machines on them, and have 100% uptime, well like 9 9’s of uptime. (Assuming no stupid admin errors.)